Sweep the Sky 2

Print Purchase

Fine art prints are made with the best quality materials. You can choose between lustre, glossy or a metallic finish on all photos. A variety of sizes and framing option are available (such as canvas prints, giclee, etc).  This is all done smoothly through SmugMug's secure interface.  To see prices and options, click the Shopping Cart icon just below the photo.   

My watermark (logo in the lower right-hand corner) does not appear on any purchased artwork. For my best work, please visit the Photo of the Month gallery, my Utah Favorites or the Fine Art Galleries.

My photographs are all original, one-of-a-kind shots taken around the world. They can be enjoyed for decades.

I've printed photos personally up to 48 x 72 inches and had great results. 24x36 inches is a good size for a larger wall. With the resolution of the Canon 1Ds Mark III camera, prints can be made even larger.

For questions or other correspondence, please send me a message at GLSphoto@q.com.

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